It stirs without sticks.  400 million stir sticks are thrown in the trash every day.  That bothers me.  Wooden sticks are bad.  Plastic sticks are worse.

Place cup here.  Stir happens.  Grab and go.  Less trash, less CO2, less money and more trees.  A Stircle costs 99% less to run than stir sticks and it stirs better.  

It can significantly reduce waste associated with stir stick production, distribution, usage and disposal.  It can also replace the spoon used by employees behind the counter, ensuring a consistent taste with zero cross-contamination.

Have us send you a Stircle or two for your coffee shop, office, hotel, cafeteria, convenience store or restaurant.

29 east 31st  
1 800 574 6737                  
NEW YORK        
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Now offering a 5% ownership share of Stircle to help fund the project.
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